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When to use the cyclone dust collector in front of the bag filter

May. 08, 2021

When to use the cyclone dust collector in front of the bag filter

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Cyclone bag filter can reduce the maintenance cost of the bag filter and reduce the downtime

Mechanical dust collectors were once the industry standard for dust collection and air pollution control. However, with increasing attention to air quality, the US Environmental Protection Agency's regulations on dust collection have pushed the manufacturing industry toward higher efficiency capabilities of fabric bag filters, cartridge filters, and other dust collection equipment that use filter media. This change will undoubtedly help reduce the amount of harmful gases emitted into the atmosphere during the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, the use of these fabric filter bag collectors is not without cost. The limitations of filter media (such as humidity, heat, and high particle volume) increase the challenge of successful dust collection. In addition, the cost of replacing filter bags or cartridges, maintenance issues, and expensive pulse jet control for cleaning the filter material will increase. For many people, the solution to these problems is to use a mechanical dust collector before the final stage of filtration.

The mechanical dust collector uses cyclone airflow to separate particles from the airflow. The centrifugal force generated by the rotating air stream throws dust from the air stream towards the wall of the collector. In a typical cyclone, particles hit the wall of the collector and fall on the funnel below to collect. The purified air is discharged through the top of the collector. Although this form of collection can efficiently process large, dense particles, the extremely fine dust lacks the inertia to escape the airflow and is subsequently carried out with clean air.

Filter media dust collectors, such as cloth bag and cartridge filters, use fine filter media to remove dust from the airflow. The dust-laden air is sucked into the collector, where it passes through the filter medium and the particles are intercepted. Before cleaning or replacing the filter, dust will accumulate on the filter. The purified air is discharged from the collector.

The environment involved in many production processes makes it very difficult to rely entirely on plastic bags. A heavy dust load can be a nightmare to maintain the filter media collector.

Processes involving high-temperature exhaust gases can also damage the filter media collector. The high-temperature air discharged from foundries, glass factories, and power plants can burn most filter media used in cloth bag factories. Although high-temperature filter bags and filter cartridges are available, they can be an expensive addition and are still not completely immune to heat. Used as a spark arrester, the cyclone dust collector can be placed before the baghouse to reduce the temperature and particle load of the airflow before it enters the final stage filter.

Although mechanical dust collectors may not be necessary in every application, the benefits of this proven technology are obvious. As emission standards become more stringent and process costs continue to rise, any available advantages should be considered. By comparing the cost of materials, labor, and downtime with the cost of the cyclone separator, you can decide whether you need this equipment.

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