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What Is a Rotary Airlock Feeder?

Mar. 22, 2021

What Is a Rotary Airlock Feeder?

Rotary air lock feeder is an industrial valve used in material handling systems, used to process and transfer dry bulk materials for production.

Despite its multiple names, rotary valve, rotary feeder, rotary airlock, or simple airlock, it is usually used to transfer solid bulk materials from hoppers, bins or cyclones to vacuum and pressurized pneumatic conveying systems. Its main components are housing, rotor and shaft, end plate, a driver, shaft packing seal, and bearing.

The rotary air lock feeder is a valve that prevents loss of air while transferring dry bulk solids at a controlled displacement. Although not 100% airtight, they are very precise in manufacturing, so the flow of materials can be measured with minimal air loss. Therefore, rotary airlock feeders are useful in bulk material handling by providing a controllable feed rate while minimizing air leakage between pneumatic system components.

Rotary airlocks are more than just rotary feeders

Although it is the same product, not all rotary feeders have the function of airlock. This distinction is related to function, and its function determines the word used to describe it:

A feeder is a device used to transfer bulk solids from one chamber to another, usually at a controlled displacement speed.

An airlock is a valve used to maintain the air pressure difference between two different atmospheres.

Therefore, the rotary feeder manages the flow of the product, and the air lock also provides a sealing function by separating the pressure difference between the bulk hopper and the pneumatic conveying line, while allowing the material to be controlled from one chamber to another.

The application range of the rotary airlock feeder ranges from the use of silos, industrial cyclones, dust removal, and use with pneumatic conveying systems. Generally speaking, the material enters the valve from the hopper, and then is processed by a multi-blade rotor to transport the material to a pneumatic conveying system with minimal air pressure loss. Although the rotary airlock feeder is a fairly simple mechanical device, it is a key component that affects the efficiency of the pneumatic conveying system.

Ordinary rotary air lock feeder industry

Rotary airlock feeders are an integral part of a wide range of industrial and agricultural material handling systems, whether for bulk solids or special products. They are used in any industry to process dry and free-flowing powders, granules, crystals, or granules. They are also used as pollution control devices in industries such as wood, grain, food, textile, paper, tobacco, rubber and paint products. Industrial uses include food and chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, plastic manufacturing, sanitary processing applications, and the processing of abrasive products.

Rotary airlock feeders are tools in handling bulk materials in many industries. The rotary airlock feeder has many names. It acts as a valve in pneumatic conveying systems, dust control equipment, and volumetric feeding in critical applications.

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